Garden Update

We’re about halfway through the summer, so I can see what’s working well and what… not so much.

I think my attempt to keep the jungle of Ozette potatoes more balanced has been successful. I really like the signet marigolds tucked around the edge, along with feverfew and breadseed poppies.

I also planted cosmos in the middle. Those are just starting to bloom, and may not be tall enough — even though I’m trimming the potatoes this year!

Left to their own devices, Ozettes grow 6′ tall and tip over (at least for me).

So far, pruning the vines has been pretty effective, but I need to keep on it.

Rob’s garden is looking nice: borage and hollyhocks, with Larkspur just starting.

Next year, I may try some hollyhocks at the backs of my potato beds. They’re so colorful!

Normally, the deer eat them, but Rob got some blood-based spray that has been doing wonders at keeping the deer away.

Finally, my pots! Some of these are native trees and shrubs that we’re growing out for another year; others are flowers and herbs, some of which I may tuck around the garden.

I’ll be experimenting more with potted plants in the garden. It seems like a good way of keeping the color and balance through the season (quite a challenge, if you rely on in-ground plants!).

Bees in Summer

The bumblebees are enjoying the mid-summer garden, and I’m enjoying the bees! Here’s a lovely bumblebee on a hollyhock.

And here’s a bumblebee on toadflax.

And here’s a bumblebee on oregano. Can you see the flecks of pollen?

But the borage is king! It’s very peaceful sitting by the borage and watching the girls forage.

Borage can get looking a little odd later in the summer, but I always keep it going as long as possible. The bees love it so, and the little birds eat the seeds.